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IES Solar has been serving the residential, commercial, and off-grid solar needs of Texas since 1973. Our team is capable of handling any type of solar need and is here to help Texans save on their energy bills

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Solar Energy For All of Texas

At IES Solar, we believe that all Texans deserve great solar energy. That’s why we service just about every single inch of the Lone Star State. Our teams cover everything from North Texas and the Dallas Metroplex to the edge of the Rio Grande in Brownsville. Wherever you call home, there’s likely an IES Solar team available to help get your solar projects started. Contact our team today for a free quote.


1731 S San Marcos San Antonio, TX 78207

IES Solar - San Antonio


15720 Vision Dr. Ste 200, Pflugerville, TX 78600

IES Solar - Austin


2500 Chandler Dr Ste 200 Rowlett, TX 75088

IES Solar - Dallas Fort Worth