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Your Home Uses a LOT of Electricity

We all know that our home’s energy bill is one of the largest recurring expenses that we have. Across the state, many Texans are paying anywhere from $150-$300/month just to power their homes and keep their families comfortable. What’s more, the cost of electricity keeps increasing at an average of 4% per year. This means that your energy bill next year is probably going to be higher than it was this past year.

One big way to cut down on your electricity usage is to keep your home running as efficiently as possible. Making simple swaps in light bulbs, appliances and lifestyle can go a long way to keeping your costs down and your bank account happier.

Home Solar Energy Audit

The Pros at IES Can Help

Lucky for you, our team of solar energy professionals are here to help lower your energy costs. Not only do we offer energy audits to determine ways to help you cut down on your overall energy expenditure, but we can also provide you an on-the-spot estimate of your new energy costs after upgrading to an IES solar panel system. You’ll be able to save money on both ends by not only being more energy efficient, but also being in control of your own energy supply and ending your reliance on the local power company.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to consider solar energy as a way to cut your utilities bill and go eco-friendly, set up a consultation with our professional solar energy contractors and we’ll help you figure out how much you can save by switching. Most of our customers cut their electric bill by 30-50%, but every home is different and our Energy Audit will help us to give you an accurate estimate of what we can do for you and your family.

Don’t wait any longer! End your reliance on your energy company by calling IES today!

"They are saving us money on our CPS bill"

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- James S. (from Google)

Mike and the team were great, it did not take them very long to install our panels. Great communication and all questions were asked when we needed. No issues with the panels and they are saving us money our CPS bill. I highly recommend!​

Let our team help you save money on your energy bills and be more energy independent today!